Responsive, Engaging Design for Industrial Water Treatment Company


We worked with RH2O Engineering to create a responsive website, implement engaging graphic elements, and provide a central online location for their many offices. By working with Trajectory, RH2O Engineering now:

Responsive website design for water treatment company

Provides a flawless browsing experience across all devices.

We developed a responsive website that can adjust to the user’s screen size, whether they’re browsing on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.

Offers a unique, aesthetically-pleasing design.

With high-quality images throughout the site and a video banner on the homepage, the RH2O Engineering website boasts a striking design that ties in to its industry.

Provides a single resource for their offices across four US states.

The new website offers information on all of RH2O Engineering’s offices and provides information relevant to each of their markets, allowing them to connect with their local, national, and international clients.

The redesigned website is clean, updated, and minimalistic

About RH2O Engineering

RH2O Engineering, founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a privately owned water treatment company that manufactures water treatment chemicals and provides expertise in their application. Their team is comprised of PhD chemists and chemical engineers who are highly trained in industrial chemistry.

Since its founding in 1995, RH2O Engineering has grown its service area considerably. They now operate five offices in four states, including Arizona, California, Georgia, and Minnesota, and they provide their services internationally in the Middle East and Asia. Their team takes pride in their ability to provide four times more field experience than their competitors, and they focus on providing the highest level of field service possible on every project they undertake.

The Challenges

Prior to working with Trajectory, RH2O Engineering faced three main challenges in their web design needs:

The new design functions flawlessly on mobile devices

A design that couldn’t adjust to smartphone and tablet screens.

The RH2O website wasn’t responsive, so it couldn’t adjust to various screen sizes. Smartphone and tablet users would experience a disjointed design, leading to higher bounce rates and more visitors leaving the website without contacting the company.

An uncertainty on how to highlight industrial water treatment in the design.

With a specialty in industrial water treatments, the RH2O Engineering team was unsure how they could create a design that was both relevant and aesthetically pleasing, both of which were necessary to leave a strong brand impression on users to the site.

A fragmented marketing approach for their national and international markets.

RH2O Engineering has grown immensely since 1995, and their previous website didn’t reflect this growth. They needed a website that provided comprehensive, accurate information to any customer that visited it.

RH2O Engineering was missing out on key opportunities to highlight their professionalism and expertise. They needed a website that catered to users on all devices, left a positive first impression, and showcased company growth throughout the years.

We incorporated high-quality visuals in the redesigned website
Users can learn about the services using any device
The clean design is consistent with RH2O’s branding

The Results

When the new RH2O Engineering website launched, their team had a revamped online presence that showcased their growth and retained user attention. We addressed each of their three key challenges, and RH2O Engineering has experienced the following results:

A user-friendly, responsive website.

Their new website can quickly and efficiently adapt to the screen on which it’s being displayed, meaning new visitors to the site will be more likely to stay on the site to learn more information. The design prompts the user to click through to other pages on the site, increasing conversion rates and decreasing bounce rates for RH2O Engineering.

A compelling, yet relevant, design for their industry.

The redesigned website offers interesting graphical elements that draw the user’s eyes to the appropriate sections. The video on the homepage clearly ties in to what RH2O Engineering does while adding a layer of interest for the user. The end result is an informative, captivating site that’s consistent with RH2O Engineering’s branding.

A centralized location for users to learn about their services.

The new RH2O Engineering website outlines their products, services, locations, and industries without overwhelming the user with information. Users in any of RH2O Engineering’s markets can find the information they’re looking for and the contact information they need for any of the company’s offices.

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