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Content Refinement & Website Launch for Consulting Firm


We worked with Equal Parts Consulting to design their website and re-focus their company branding. By working with Trajectory, Equal Parts Consulting now:

Responsive website design for consulting company

Loads each page in less than 1 second and retains users’ attention.

We developed a fast, functional website with clean code and fast loading content. The site loads quickly across devices, encouraging web users to stay on the site to learn more information

Uses content to provide a clear path of conversion for the user.

With a combination of fast page load times, strategically placed calls to action, strategically written content, and a natural flow for the user to follow, we’ve made it easier for visitors to EPC’s website to become clients.

Offers a consistent experience across all marketing platforms.

Equal Parts Consulting had already prepared marketing and sales documents to send to their leads and clients. Now they have a website that’s consistent with their marketing and provides a beautiful, seamless online experience.

The website redesign matches EPC’s branding

About Equal Parts Consulting

Equal Parts Consulting, located in Carlsbad, California, is a consulting firm specializing in improving organizational culture to help businesses succeed. They offer services such as strategic recruitment, integrative HR, leadership development, and infrastructure optimization to transform organizations that are looking to improve employee happiness, increase brand value and sales, drive organizational stability, decrease turnover, and increase company efficiency.

Partners Kristi Pastore and Michael Valenzano came together after working with each other in previous positions for nearly five years. Their unique work chemistry made it clear that, together, they could create impactful results for businesses in need of their services. As individuals and as a company, they value purposeful kindness, selfless growth, courageous integrity, endless evolution, and gritty collaboration.

The Challenges

Prior to working with Trajectory, Equal Parts Consulting faced three main challenges in their web design needs:

We created a website that functions across all devices

Less content and a slower page load time.

The Equal Parts Consulting website had a fair amount of content on each page, but it needed more to fully explain the topics and to rank better in search. At the same time, their website loaded at an average pace — more than two seconds per page — which could send users away. They needed more developed content as well as faster page loading in order to captivate the interest of users on their site.

A visually appealing site with low conversions.

EPC’s old website had a decent design when it was first created. But the design was focused on providing a good online presence for Equal Parts Consulting without providing a clear path for visitors to turn into leads and, finally, into customers. As a result, the EPC website had low conversion rates, making Equal Parts Consulting miss out on key customer opportunities that they should have been earning from their website.

Inconsistent branding between website and marketing materials.

Since launching their original website, Equal Parts Consulting redesigned their logo and created marketing material such as brochures and email marketing. Their website and their marketing materials were inconsistent in terms of design, content, and messaging, which also provided an inconsistent experience for people who visited their website after viewing their marketing materials.

Equal Parts Consulting had an okay website, but they knew that they could improve it to grow their business. They needed an expanded, redesigned, powerful website that would rank well in search, attract users, and showcase EPC’s ability to help their clients’ businesses grow.

The redesigned website is clean and minimalistic
We placed CTAs strategically throughout the website
The redesigned website is optimized for mobile devices

The Results

When the new Equal Parts Consulting website launched, their team had a fresh online presence that attracted new users and increased the likelihood that those users would become high-quality leads. We addressed each of their three key challenges, and Equal Parts Consulting has experienced the following results:

A lightning-fast website that keeps users engaged.

Their new website provides an exceptional balance of content, design, and functionality. Visitors to the site experience page load times of less than a second, making them much more likely to stay and learn more about Equal Parts Consulting. With a striking design that functions flawlessly on every device, the new website gives users every reason to browse throughout the site and reach out to the team about their consulting services.

A refined conversion process through strategic content.

Now that each page considers the user’s stage in the buying cycle and provides a clear next step for them, Equal Parts Consulting has experienced an increased conversion rate sitewide. New users to the site can learn about EPC’s background, experience, services, and philosophy and then quickly understand where to click next. The new EPC website will likely lead to more online leads for the team and perform better in search results because of it.

A unified brand message across marketing platforms.

The team at Equal Parts Consulting is passionate about branding, company culture, and business growth — and it showed in every conversation our team had with them. Their new website unifies their own branding while demonstrating their authority on these topics, making new customers more confident in their abilities and more likely to reach out for a consultation.

Equal Parts Consulting

“Working with Trajectory to build our new company website was a great experience. Josh and his team understood our objectives and vision and created a product that truly represented us. What stands out most is Trajectory’s ability to offer professional guidance and opinion without imposing their agenda. We are very happy customers.”

Michael Valenzano
Michael Valenzano

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