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10 Best Practices for Designing Your Startup Website

Designed around addressing consumer problems with innovative solutions, startups are almost always digitally native businesses, reliant on good web design and digital branding to launch their companies. How a startup designs its website can have a profound impact on its success and brand development.

Website Revamp: A Total Checklist for Redesigning Your Site

Revamping your company’s website is an enormous task. For many businesses—especially those without significant reach online—a website redesign can be an overwhelming project to execute. Whatever is driving your redesign, knowing where to start—and who to ask for help—is half the battle.

The Definitive Checklist for Your New Website Launch

Months of work have culminated in your new site’s rollout, and launching your site can make or break the hard work you’ve dedicated to this essential asset. Here's how you should approach the launch process from every angle—what questions you should ask, how agencies like Trajectory prepare a site to go live, and how to market and promote your new asset.

Website Navigation Design: Everything You Need to Know

Website navigation design creates an integrated system of information that helps users understand your website and locate information. Essential to user experience, effective navigation means creating a website that’s easy to understand, effective in its communication, and successful in transforming site visitors into customers.

A Complete Guide to Website Homepage Design and Content

Your homepage design is responsible for 94% of consumers’ first impressions of your business. If you get your website’s homepage right, users will come away from their initial interactions with your company understanding who you are, what you offer, and how you’ll solve their problems. Here's how.

Why Cognitive Psychology Is Fundamental to Stellar Web Design

The psychology of a website’s design is directly tied to certain areas of cognitive and environmental study—and the best web designers know how to use these principles to design pages that draw users in and convert them to customers.

18 Great-Sounding Web Design Ideas that are Actually Bad

Just because something sounds like a good idea doesn’t mean it’s in keeping with web design best practices. And for many of the businesses we work with, that great-sounding idea is the very thing holding them back by driving away potential customers. Which of these practices are currently in place on your website?

Web Design for the Buyer's Cycle

If you’re like most business owners, the main goal of your website is to bring in visitors and increase sales. But what many business owners fail to see is that your website’s lead-generation abilities depend on a whole host of factors, many of which you can control by paying special attention to a little something called the buyer’s cycle.

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