Insurance Risk Services

Website Redesign & Online Training Portal for Insurance Inspection Company


We worked with Insurance Risk Services to update their branding, redesign their website, and provide powerful online functionality for their team. By working with Trajectory, Insurance Risk Services now:

Responsive website design for insurance inspection company

Experiences low bounce rates and high conversion rates.

We utilized our expert design experience to provide a full rebrand and redesign — including the logo, typography, colors, and layout — leading to an engaging, helpful website for IRS’ target users.

Ranks #3 on the 1st page of Google for target keyword phrase.

We hand-coded a modern, engaging website with quick page load times and clean code. Together with our content and marketing strategy, these efforts boosted IRS’ search engine rankings.

Provides efficient training for inspectors across the country.

We developed an online training portal that allows IRS to provide educational material and quiz the proficiency of their insurance inspectors all across the United States.

The redesigned website is consistent with IRS’ branding

About Insurance Risk Services

Insurance Risk Services, located in Sanford, Florida, has offered insurance inspection and underwriting services since 1984. Their customers are primarily in the property and casualty insurance industry and include national, regional, and local insurance underwriters and agencies.

IRS’ mission is to deliver solutions tailored to their clients’ unique underwriting needs. They seek to accomplish this mission by building long-term partnerships, working directly with clients, considering each client’s specific business objectives, and helping their clients decide which insurance risks are worth taking.

The IRS team is comprised of seasoned professionals with a wide range of industry licenses, designations, and degrees. Throughout their web marketing, they emphasize their ability to provide personal attention and rapid response times for all of their clients.

The Challenges

Prior to working with Trajectory, Insurance Risk Services faced three main challenges in their web design needs:

Web design challenges

High bounce rates and low conversion rates.

The IRS website was outdated and did not reflect the values of the company. When a new user visited the website, their first impression was off-putting and they were unable to find information that would encourage them to work with Insurance Risk Services, which often led to them leaving the site without completing an action.

Poor search engine rankings for target keywords.

IRS’ two target keyword phrases, “insurance inspection services Florida” and “insurance underwriting services Florida,” were unlikely to lead a web user to the IRS website. They did not rank on the first page for these terms, leading them to miss important opportunities to connect with potential customers online.

An inefficient training program for their team.

The IRS team is comprised of inspectors with varying licenses across the country. This setup enables them to provide direct assistance to insurance underwriters and agencies beyond their home state of Florida. The IRS website did not provide a suitable method for training these inspectors, leading to a lack of cohesion among the IRS team members.

Insurance Risk Services was proud of the level of experience and personalization they provided when working directly with customers, but their online presence wasn’t consistent with these qualities. IRS was missing out on customers who needed their help and missing out on powerful training opportunities.

The new website design is minimalistic yet impactful
The new landing page draws users into the website
The redesigned website functions across all devices

The Results

When the new Insurance Risk Services website launched, their team had an online interface they could be proud to claim. We addressed each of their three key challenges, and IRS experienced the following results:

A functional, responsive website that attracts and retains users.

Our rebranding and redesign work resulted in a simple, yet functional, website that provided a pleasing aesthetic to web visitors. New users to the website are now curious and engaged, spending more time on the page and backing out of the website less frequently, giving IRS the chance to establish and build relationships with their target audience.

A boost in search engine rankings for target keywords.

Prior to the redesign, IRS didn’t rank on the first page of Google for target keyword phrases “insurance inspection services Florida” and “insurance underwriting services Florida.” As of October 2016, they ranked on the 1st page for both phrases, at #3 and #6, respectively.

A cohesive training plan for IRS insurance inspectors.

Now, the IRS website can do more than attract and retain the attention of target customers — it is a hub of information for the entire IRS team. Inspectors can easily access information and the IRS leadership team can easily update their training material, leading to a consistent experience for every customer who works with them.

Insurance Risk Services

“Trajectory made the entire web design process simple and painless. From quote to completion they exceeded our expectations. Outstanding service and product.”

Dave Valenzano
Dave Valenzano

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